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fredag 18. februar 2011

Pictures say moore than words

Everyone can pull off gal, but you just need a set of the right skills to do so ^^ GO GO GO


Hi Gals!
Just tried curling my hair before going off to work ^^ Practice makes perfect, so I have to practice alot moore :( muu
But well, it's rather ok, not fully bad but not perfect either. ENJOY!

I'm a leo! Raaawr

Have a nice and fun day! Love and kisses :*

onsdag 16. februar 2011

Japan fashion mainstream?

Hi cuties!
Was shopping today and saw at H&M Divided (youth department) selling usamimi and foxtails! WTF. And it was orange! Asked the personell if it was in other color but she didn't know :( Would totally buy in pink, black or brown.... but no way in orange. And it cost 99,- kr! Thats like 20 dollars :) Cheap. But totally wrong color :P
Japan is coming slowly overseas and makes it easier to buy gal-stuff, and thats positive ^^ BUT when we can buy it easy, other non gal will also buy it :(
Love and kisses! :*

tirsdag 15. februar 2011

*~Happy Valentine~*

Hi cuties!
Been a long while again :(
But look what I've found! A little Picachu kitty, so adorable and cute :) But dont worry it's not painted, just photoshoped ^^ He look so cute with his pink cheeks and nose ^^ Love him! Love cats in general

And yesterday was Valentines Day! Whoho! =D My Hubby and I dont celebrate Valentines, but yesterday was also our 2 year 3 month anniversery ^^ *~* So we kinda celebrated that insted ;)
Here is a picture of our couple t-shirt witch we bought in Thailand last summer :D Cute nah?

Hoped everyone had a lovely day yesterday even if you didn't celebrate Valentine =D

Love and Kisses ^^ :*

tirsdag 8. februar 2011

torsdag 3. februar 2011


Hi everybody!
I've just made rainbow-muffins ^^
Was supposed to make cupcakes, but failed the frosting. Damn. Somebody gotta learn me how to make a delicious topping. :( Sad face.
But the muffins came out GREAT!!!!
Have a look ^^

A little dirty oven :( sorry
Yay Pinky! :D