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lørdag 29. januar 2011


Hi Lovelies!
Been really into school lately, because I wanna keep up with the classes :) And it has been sucessfull so far ^^

I'm wearing my blue circle lenses, but I'm kinda scared of wearing them after seeing a show :P
But I wanna have big blue eyes so this is the only way :( muu

Also wearing Diamond Lashes Cat Eyes :) I like them but the Celeb style suits me better I think :)

See ya!

fredag 21. januar 2011

Being bussy

Hi everyone ^^
I have been very bussy lately with school, work and working out at the gym :) Yup, I now got a membership at the Universitys gym called SIB. I'm trying to become a better person, and now I'm just taking babsteps :)
I'm off to work now, but just wanted to say that I'm sorry for being M.I.A :)
I even got something very special for christmas from my hubby witch I have not shown yet :D (I know christmas is like almost 2 months ago, but got my present late)
Have a nice DAY! ^^

lørdag 15. januar 2011

Insert title here :)

Hi sweeties!
My BF is out with the boys so I'm alone at home, watching The Kardashian maraton and updating my blog a little ^^
This is a outfit from one of my shopping days from this week. I wore a white blazer from Bik Bok I bought on sale for 99 kr, like 10 euro or dollars or something hahaha. My top is from some random shop in Thailand :) Really cute yes yes

And what do you see?! YAYYY! Pinky got herself a real ass camera! A Sony DSLR and I love it!
My make-up up close hahah I still have to practice. I look like I'm giving someone my evil eyes haha ^^, Yes I need to fix my eyebrows FAST. I'm wearing Diamond Lashes - celeb whoho
From the side yay
Kisses to everybody! Night Night ^^

I want Loubs!

Hi Gals!^^
Like I found a page where they sell like old collections of Louboutin shoes, and I dont know whether to buy or not. I have bought 4 pairs of shoes only this week! :( Im turning into a brandwhore :(

These knee-high boots are really sexy, but maybe to slutty? My bestie just bought them so I'll have to see them on her:) They cost 299 $,-
These boots are moore my taste, and I dont have a lot of ancle boots :) They cost 210 $,- SO CHEAP! But I'm afraid my BF will freak after my shopping this week :(
This pair and the one under is so plain and will never go out of style! :) I love black, love peep-toes and I love LOUBS! ^^ This pair cost 150$,- the pair under cost 140$,-
I have to think about it, but I really want the short boot 210$ and the peep-toes for 150$ = Total of 360$ ~ 2100 norwegian kroner IIIIKK

torsdag 6. januar 2011

Gal Inspo

Just thought I'd post some inspo for all the gals out there! Sorry but some of the pics I dont remember where I stole from :( Sorry sorry sorry
Cute gals with two mega buns :) Oh buns are so KAWAII! Love the girl with one blonde and one pink
Rihanna looking stylishhhhh and tan and perfect

Beautiful skin and eyes. Amazing

So cute hair and hair colour


Tsubasa being AWESOME... aaah the prettynes in that woman.. she can pull off everything ^^

Loving the pink hearts on her cheeks :) and her doggy

Miss Rihanna again :) love the colours in this pic

Sorry but I stole this picture from someones blog and now I dont remember where! :( But she does look cute in that outfit :)

Korean artist Seo In Young to the right :) She is an inspiration! ^^

Someones picture from some blog I dont remember! aaahhhh why.. But look at that volum at her hair! Wow I want

Blogger XiaXue, so beautiful with blonde hair ^^

Tsubasa promoting Dollywink :)

Tsubasa again! :)

Nana! Her changes through the years :) Now its all about the big eyes!

Want her hair! BAD!

My hair and make-up ^^

Today my hair is curly^^ Yay! Because after my shower I bunned my hair when it was like 80% dry :) 4 buns and tadda! Massive curls the day after :) Since I've cut my hair short, I've been out of mind what to do with my hair :( But now I can do this! :D so cute nah

Close-up of my make-up hahaha FAIL

Hairbow: Accersorize. Necklace: Oasis. Heartcardigan boyfriend style: Oasis. Pink top: Ebay White top: Oasis
Damn I buy alot at Oasis. Damn it that I work there :(

Bye Bye! ^^

onsdag 5. januar 2011

To do list for today ^^

Hi Cupcakes! :)
Finally getting some days off from work, but still I have alot to do. Today my dad (who is redecorating our apartment) woke me up early at 10 am. But you know what?! I liked it beacause then I can get on with my to do list :)
Todays TO DO list:
* Apply for an exchange program to a University in Thailand - Lots of paperwork!!
* Clean the damn house - not sooo happy about it
* Go taning - yay! ^^ :D:D:D
* Have a mini exercise at home - Need it bad haha
* Maybe make some dinner for Hubby ^^ - he will be hungry from working all day :)

Oh nom nom want it so bad :( Cupcakeeeessss

lørdag 1. januar 2011

H&M Sping Collection

I'm so looking forward to spring this year! Flowerprints, bright fresh colours and petite clothes :) Gogogo!
Here are some items I want from H&M for this spring ^^

I've already bought this cute pink cardigan with bows on last weekend :) super adorable!

First post of the year!

Hi cuties :)
Sorry for being totaly M.I.A. for a while :( been really stressing with work, christmas and now preperations for the new year :/
This is some pictures from the New Year party 2010/2011 at our appartment. But we rang in the new year at a club from the rooftop :) Very cosy and classy yeah
but today I'm sooo hangover! Oh my god :( So much paiiiinn
My best friend and I after a little alcohol haha

My poo and I <3 Kissy kissy

Mojitos drinks. Two of course aaahh the pain

My bestie and I again :) Just camwhoring haha