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torsdag 28. april 2011

Flowers & Happines

These pretty flowers are at the moment standing in my window still. Some colour and flowers gives such brightness to a doll day, and gives happines! I should become better at buying flowers on a regular basis :D


Hello there!
Been craving a pink jacket/blazer for a while now, and I found the perfect ones. But unfortunately for me I ordered the blazer in the first pic BEFORE I saw the jacket in the second pic. AND I am sooo remorsefull :( WHY am I such an impulse shopper????? Damn it.

Zara 559,- kr // Pink blazer in the colour Fuchsia
You can find it here!
Like it is cute and all,but it's just not me :( Well it's pink and thats me but other than that.... muu

Zara 799,- kr // Shrimp colour Kimono Style Cardigan
SO gorgeous! Aaahh me want :(
You can find it here Zara!

I'm still waiting for the blazer in the mail, and if I dont find it perfect then I will return it and buy my perfect spring jacket ^^

You can find a better picture at this blog, Lene is like so pretty and I love her sweet style.

tirsdag 26. april 2011


Cat Woman

Hi gals!
HAHA I found this pics on some Tumblr, and I died of laughter! HAHA and I quickly showed them to Hubby and he was like: Those pics are about you crazy cat woman ^^

The first picture is especially us and our kittens haha. ENJOY!

mandag 25. april 2011

*^*My Easter Egg*^*

My easter was celebrated in the city this year, and it was okey since it was sun and warm in Bergen for once. And Hubby gave me a BIG easter egg, and it's almost emty now *sadface*
You can see in the first pic that the size of the egg is as big as my cat hahha. He likes to be in every picture haha cutie Dam^^

Did you spend your easter in the city or the mountains :)?
In Norway people travel to their cabin and go skiiing haha
Now I'm going on a mountain hike with my Poo ^^

onsdag 20. april 2011

Having a ME day

Today I have been to work, got home and had some dinner, and then Hubby went out to play some fotball(soccer). But I decided not to go with him and have a ME day!
It has been a long while since I had used my epilator, and of course it hurt like a bitch. DAMN. But if it is used regulary it won't hurt as much. Mine is from Panasonic, and it was really cheap haha. But at least its pink and gets the job done! :)

Afterwards remember to lotion up! That keeps the legs and your body soft and smooth ^^ Mine is from The Body Shop and the scent is Satsuma(mandarin). I smell like a BIG orange. And it's SOOOOOOO yummy!
Later I'm going to put some nailpolish on both my toes and fingers. Wii

tirsdag 19. april 2011

H&M Conscious Collection

Hi dolls!
Like everybody else I was very excited for the new H&M Collection which came out 14.april ( at least in Norway). And the stores opened at 0900, and I was there about 0945 and like ALMOST EVERYHING WAS SOLD OUT! I was shocked, and everybody at the H&M store where like panicing, and throwing clothes everywhere and just being bitches. I just looked fast through the clothes, grabbed a cute shorts(in my size) and went for the cashier.
Later when I was off to work I dropped by another H&M next to my job, and they had the dress of my dreams from that collection in my size! Not 40 or 42 HAHA like always.

The dress is so soft, and so pretty and I will use it alot this summer. And the shorts..... aahh dreamy!
Dress 399,- kr // Shorts 199,- kr

Redecorating the master bedroom!

Since we moved to our new apartment, we have been sleeping at the guest bedroom since my dad was painting and stuff at the masterbedroom. But this weekend he was finished! And Hubby and I got the job to wallpaper one wall. And both of us had never done any wallpapering before. So we where skeptical if we could do a good job haha. Some pictures of the prosject:

Adding glue to the wallpaper before putting it on the wall! Gogogo

Almost finished! Hubby happy after doing a great job :) Love him
In the prosess there was some bitching between us. WHO knows best? But after a while we both supported each others opinion :)
Finished!!!!!!! It's a silver and white wallpaper. Very pretty
So this is what I have been up to this weekend after work.

Pink Shopping Tote

I was walking in Bergen center, with no intention to buy anything. Just windowshopping........ but then I saw this tote in Benetons window. And I just had to have it ^^ (I'm weak) It cost 69,- norwegian kroner. So it wasn't expensive, but I hate it when I go with a "buy nothing" attitude, and walk home with shoppingbags :/

But as you can see it is very cute, with the lavender and pink colors. And it looks like a little japanese person with bun hair and mustache haha.

onsdag 6. april 2011


Hi Dolls!
Since I only have an assignment due friday, and I really should be working on it... I rather post a big picture spam(^.^)
Sweet decora. Oh really want their two-toned hair with pink :(

LOVE everything about this gal! Hair, dress, bow, necklace... Ahhh inspo!!
so sweet with a little pink heart
HAHA thats how you eat a bigmac gurrrlll
Is it just me that thinks Katy Perry looks gal-ish? Big eyes, perfect make and always cute outfits??
Finally I got a foxtail! Buuttt, it's not pink like these gourgous ones. Its white and black. Yup. I want me som pink.
Cutest nails ever!!!!! Heeyy heello kitty
Pink hair yes me wants

MA*RS girl! Ahh their newest collection is so cute and pink. And dreamy ~~~

Diamond Lorina looks so pretty in pink hair.... And her make... God I want. And I will get.

Looking through all these pictures make me wanna have extentions again and bangs :( Why do they have to have PERFECT hair????????????????????? My hair looks like poop.