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onsdag 4. januar 2012

New Year - New Adventures

In Bangkok right now. 
This year will be filled with adventures, smiles and new friends. 
Let the year begin!

Happy new year! Make the best of it!

fredag 23. desember 2011


In one week and two days I will be leaving friends, family and cats.
Headed for Thailand and Thammasat University for one year.

torsdag 1. desember 2011


Maybe a cool/cold neutral palette which complements the warmer toned Original Naked Palette?
Either way - I'm excited. 

tirsdag 8. november 2011

New York September 2011

Hi dolls!

New York Day 1 

Landed at Newark and took the Airtrain to Penn Station.
 Took a picture outside Madison Square Garden (after 12 hours of travelling) and jumped in a yellow cab which took us a few blocks to our hotel, Thirty Thirty.
We took a refreshing shower and got ready to go to Brooklyn Bridge.... got ripped off by a taxidriver haha but finaly arrived at the Bridge.
Alot of tourist but oh well. Beware of screaming people on bikecycles!
Took MANY pictures, got lost in Brooklyn and went to a park to take some pictures. It was getting late, so we headed back to Manhattan. 
We stopped at Times Square and it was larger than we would ever imagine! ^__^ 
And so many neons, feelt like it was daytime haha. Did some shopping. 
Got the UB Naked Palette and almost cried because I only found one, I was getting one for my sister too. But N calmed me down when he pointed to a UB shelf with like 50 more Naked Palettes hahahaha! 
I ran over and got 2 more. 

Day 1 - Brooklyn Bridge
Why so PALE?! :(
Been awake for over 24 hours.
We were like zombies. Just walking around making grunting noises at eachother.

New York Day 2 

This day was the sightseeing day.
Statue of Liberty. Wall Street. Ground Zero. Soho. Greenwhich Village. 
Empire State Building. Grand Central Station. Central Park. 5th Avenue.
Dinner at TAO with friends. 

At the Staten Island Ferry going to see Statue of Liberty!

SEPHORA! Dreamstore. Went to everyone I saw even though they are the same ^-^

Posing close to Wall Street. Must do strange poses when on holiday!

In Central Park. Just saw 1/10 of the park. BIG PARK. Cute squirrels.

We were so dissapointed so we only left 10 $ tip, and they went after us demanding a total of 50 $ tip!!!!!!!!!
I have never in my whole life experienced this kind of dissapointment. Cool Buddha but REALLY?! 50 $ TIP?

New York Day 3

Rockefeller Center. Magnolia Bakery. 5th Avenue. Madison Avenue. Soho. 
Meeting my aunt and her family.

This day we wanted to spend with my two besties who is currently studying in NYC, and my aunt who I've never met before.
We started the day with a little shopping.
Then we went to Rockefeller Center! So much better than Empire! 

Victoria Secret. Clearly I needed a new bra. Hint Hint........

Rockefeller Center

Love of my life

Outside Magnolia Bakery


3 Vanilla Cupcakes with different topping and one Red Velvet

Red Velvet Cupcake. 

Besties and Pinkberry in Soho

What Hubby bought in three days

What I bought in three days - only make-up

Stuffed suitcase, and we haven't even left New York...

mandag 7. november 2011

Falling behind

So I'm like way behind on blogging. So much happening right now......... Paperwork for Thailand, finishing my obligatory assignment, studying, preparing for my exam in december and also having a LIFE which I wanna spend with my little family. 

BUT big things have happened!

AND they (and the VIPS) won for most tweets ^-^

I actually cried because I am a true VIP and have been following them since Lies came out until present!
And they have been through so much recently so it was so good seeing ALL FIVE of them together. 
Also loving that they were only 2 hours by plane away from me......*insert creepy stalker girl right here*


torsdag 15. september 2011


-Long time no blogging. 
I've started making my MUST buy list for the US trip. (In case of not forgetting anything and hating myself when I get back home) In 11 days we are leaving rainy Bergen for a warm fall in New York city! Can't wait to go sightseeing and taking pictures of EVERYTHING. 

ENJOY! some of my shoppinglist :)
NARS Must get
We dont have NARS in Norway, ridiculous I know. So I plan to stack up on  a lot of NARS products. Get 2 blushes, the Laguna Illuminator, 4 lipglosses, some eyeshadow duos and an Orgasm nailpolish. (Is is just me but does it look like Chanel Morning Rose? And I've been really hung-up on that polish... damn expenzive ridiculously pretty polish -.-)
And also planing to get me some Urban Decay pallettes. I know the Naked palette is always sold out, so maybe I'll have to settle for something not that fancy. BUT REALLY WANT :(
Also the primer potion from UD.
And lipglosses from NYX, powder from MAC and probally a whole lot of make-up form other brands. Aaahh money Y U NO grow on trees? 

Viccy Secrets Pink MUST HAVE

Also getting some Victoria Secret home wear, lipglosses and bras. Been drooling over that page for the last five years or so... Shipping and handling from US to NORWAY is way to expensive for me to buy all my dream lingere.Sad but true. But finally it's going to be my turn yey.


And also getting NAILPOLISHES. Is 150 kr (27$) for Essie and 200 kr (36$) for OPI and Deborah Lippmann to much to pay for a nailpolish? Yep, I think so. In the US Essie is 8$ and OPI 9$ and Deborah Lippmann 16$. So I'll be saving a lot of money buying in NYC.

So I'll be in Sephora, Nordstrom and all other make-up stores looking like a madman trying to find everything on my list.

Bye! Have to get back to my assignment due tomorrow, bah. 

torsdag 18. august 2011


A little recap of august:

I had a birthday and I am now 21!

Working my ass off to build a big pile of MONEY for New York and Hawaii. Writing shoppinglist ^_^

Went to KANYE WEST concert in Bergen (my hometown).
It's was sunny and warm - PERFECT concertweather! Unbelievable since Bergen is called the Raintown of Norway........... But after a while it started raining (yeah we saw it coming lol). And he fell when he was dancing on stage hahahahha. 
It was a good consert with songs from his newest album and old goodies from past albums. Great concert!!
We had to wait a little while extra for the little diva but well. The whole show was spectacular! He is a great artist/performer but a DIVA.

Picture from the concert, taken from ba.no

Went to RIHANNA concert yesterday, also in Bergen. SO SUNNY! Tinie Tempah was her warm-up and he sure did a good job! But we where all waiting for Rihanna of course.
And she is so sexy. Like damn. How can somebody be so talented, BEAUTIFUL and have such a good heart? 
She dedicated her version of Bob Marleys Redemption song to the Utøya and Oslo bombing victoms. And when she sang all the names of the deceased rolled over the screen. I was so touched and almost cried. 

So in a week I've seen three BIG hip-hop and R&B stars. Aaahh. 
I'm on cloud nine and going back to school next week is also going to be good.

I have alot of pics, but they are with my cellphone cam so they are crappy, but atleast it's proof that I've been there! :D

Hubby took this picture of me. SWEATY. I came straight from work *__* 
Picture from the concert, taken from ba.no
Picture from the concert, taken from ba.no
Picture from the concert, taken from ba.no

torsdag 11. august 2011


Really missing the sun, the warmth and the TAN!
Is it just me or do the tan fade at the flight home? 

I miss wearing cute dresses, floral tops, shorts, HEELS and everything you want without people looking. In Bergen the summer and sun is M.I.A. so I've already starting buying fall wear. 

BUT, and there is a but, WE are soon leaving for our couple vacation on the 26.sep, and we are off to New York and Honolulu!  Started moneysaving! Ah the shopping, the make-up and THE FOOD...

onsdag 10. august 2011


I've been so bored with the old layout of my blog. Like it didn't motivate me to blog, or like, it was a part of my low motivation. 
Now I have no excuse(except that I have work and school) ^___* 

I've bought a lot of goodies I want to show

fredag 29. juli 2011