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torsdag 18. august 2011


A little recap of august:

I had a birthday and I am now 21!

Working my ass off to build a big pile of MONEY for New York and Hawaii. Writing shoppinglist ^_^

Went to KANYE WEST concert in Bergen (my hometown).
It's was sunny and warm - PERFECT concertweather! Unbelievable since Bergen is called the Raintown of Norway........... But after a while it started raining (yeah we saw it coming lol). And he fell when he was dancing on stage hahahahha. 
It was a good consert with songs from his newest album and old goodies from past albums. Great concert!!
We had to wait a little while extra for the little diva but well. The whole show was spectacular! He is a great artist/performer but a DIVA.

Picture from the concert, taken from ba.no

Went to RIHANNA concert yesterday, also in Bergen. SO SUNNY! Tinie Tempah was her warm-up and he sure did a good job! But we where all waiting for Rihanna of course.
And she is so sexy. Like damn. How can somebody be so talented, BEAUTIFUL and have such a good heart? 
She dedicated her version of Bob Marleys Redemption song to the Utøya and Oslo bombing victoms. And when she sang all the names of the deceased rolled over the screen. I was so touched and almost cried. 

So in a week I've seen three BIG hip-hop and R&B stars. Aaahh. 
I'm on cloud nine and going back to school next week is also going to be good.

I have alot of pics, but they are with my cellphone cam so they are crappy, but atleast it's proof that I've been there! :D

Hubby took this picture of me. SWEATY. I came straight from work *__* 
Picture from the concert, taken from ba.no
Picture from the concert, taken from ba.no
Picture from the concert, taken from ba.no

torsdag 11. august 2011


Really missing the sun, the warmth and the TAN!
Is it just me or do the tan fade at the flight home? 

I miss wearing cute dresses, floral tops, shorts, HEELS and everything you want without people looking. In Bergen the summer and sun is M.I.A. so I've already starting buying fall wear. 

BUT, and there is a but, WE are soon leaving for our couple vacation on the 26.sep, and we are off to New York and Honolulu!  Started moneysaving! Ah the shopping, the make-up and THE FOOD...

onsdag 10. august 2011


I've been so bored with the old layout of my blog. Like it didn't motivate me to blog, or like, it was a part of my low motivation. 
Now I have no excuse(except that I have work and school) ^___* 

I've bought a lot of goodies I want to show