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torsdag 15. september 2011


-Long time no blogging. 
I've started making my MUST buy list for the US trip. (In case of not forgetting anything and hating myself when I get back home) In 11 days we are leaving rainy Bergen for a warm fall in New York city! Can't wait to go sightseeing and taking pictures of EVERYTHING. 

ENJOY! some of my shoppinglist :)
NARS Must get
We dont have NARS in Norway, ridiculous I know. So I plan to stack up on  a lot of NARS products. Get 2 blushes, the Laguna Illuminator, 4 lipglosses, some eyeshadow duos and an Orgasm nailpolish. (Is is just me but does it look like Chanel Morning Rose? And I've been really hung-up on that polish... damn expenzive ridiculously pretty polish -.-)
And also planing to get me some Urban Decay pallettes. I know the Naked palette is always sold out, so maybe I'll have to settle for something not that fancy. BUT REALLY WANT :(
Also the primer potion from UD.
And lipglosses from NYX, powder from MAC and probally a whole lot of make-up form other brands. Aaahh money Y U NO grow on trees? 

Viccy Secrets Pink MUST HAVE

Also getting some Victoria Secret home wear, lipglosses and bras. Been drooling over that page for the last five years or so... Shipping and handling from US to NORWAY is way to expensive for me to buy all my dream lingere.Sad but true. But finally it's going to be my turn yey.


And also getting NAILPOLISHES. Is 150 kr (27$) for Essie and 200 kr (36$) for OPI and Deborah Lippmann to much to pay for a nailpolish? Yep, I think so. In the US Essie is 8$ and OPI 9$ and Deborah Lippmann 16$. So I'll be saving a lot of money buying in NYC.

So I'll be in Sephora, Nordstrom and all other make-up stores looking like a madman trying to find everything on my list.

Bye! Have to get back to my assignment due tomorrow, bah.