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tirsdag 30. november 2010

At uni again....

Hi Cupcakes!

Well I'm at uni again camwhoring, and people might think I have a loss of braincells or something.

Today I'm reading about the castesystem in South Asia, mostely India. Very interesting, and I'm wowed by that it is actually praticed still. Like you are ranked over or under someone form birth, and you have a very small oppertunity to mobilise up. And some are even outside the castesystem and they are called: untouchables. Like the word - if you touch them you will get dirty so there are no contact whatsoever. At the store they have to stand outside and yell what they want to buy, and throw money at the storekeeper. So he dont get their dirt in his shop and on him. Its really terrible. And since I am a soon to be socialanthropologist I have to see it from their perspective.

For dinner I'm going to the near thairesturant and order something yummy for my tummy! Whohooo ^^

Wearing my usamimi from Thailand today, I kinda look like a bunny and get a lot of unwanted attention. So I sometimes wear it down :( It looks stupid down :(

See you!

mandag 29. november 2010

Sweaty exam reading at uni!

Hey cuties!

My internet usb thing came in the mail a few days ago, but the I'm still waiting on the simcard. Like wtf. Don't send the thing before the simcard stupid internetcompany -.- They are just teasing me... Bu

Well my next exam is this friday, and I'm hosting a "movein" and exam party at my Hubby and I new apartment. Soo in the meanwhile I'm studing as crazy or... jea.

I've just gotten glasses! And I love them, now I have perfect vision. But only with the glasses on, rest of the day my eyes are like shit :(

Sweating on UNIIIII

But em I was thinking of buying a very expensive christmasgift to myself this year :D! Either a Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 or 25 BAG OR Chanel High Rain Boots - since I live in the most rainy part of Norway and it sucks here.

OMG its so pretty and iconic. Gah. If will be so pretty like on my arm <3>

RAINBOOTS :D! Pretty on my feet, keeping me dry and cute at the same time. Nomnom Chanel
But em back to reading! GOGOGO

fredag 26. november 2010


My internett thingy like... died :( big sad face. Now I'm at the computer at work so, no pictures.................. Aah crap! But I've bought a new internettthingy but we have to see when the postman comes :(
I've also bought tons of clothes and other stuff that may be an interest :D! AND yesterday I had my first exam at uni, and it went like ok. Probably a C :D whohooooo
When I get my new and faboulos internett I will post pictures and more uninteresting blogpost! Wiiwi

tirsdag 16. november 2010

New Uggbuggs!

Hi Cupcakes :)

Had a great weekend? I did :D! Me and my poo celebrated our 2nd year anniversary on sunday. And we just snuggled and apriciated eachothers company :) No presents, but I made dinner for a difference ^^ haha.

I wanted to do a swatch on the Mac cosmetics I buyed last week, but my bf said I'm too pale and need to tan before I do it :P haha LOVE. So I'll do it when I'm tan and beautifuuuuulll!

Anyways! :D I bought new "Uggs" today, they are so kawaiii :) And my digital camera is so crappy. I kinda... hate it now. :( so I took pictures with my webcam hahhahaha

So cute with the pom pom on the side <3>

I look so sweaty so had to hide behind the shoe haha

I also bought a rainbow panty! SO CUTE NA

Both are from Accessorize. UGGBUGGS 225 kr, and rainbow panty 79 kr. Best buy this week haha


torsdag 11. november 2010

Recent hauls and this recent week

Hello cupcakes :)

It kinda sums up my week so far. Just work, school and my part time job :( I'am also going to work today, tomorrow and saturday... *big sadface* :( and tomorrow the mall are going to be open to 2400! Like fuck it. :( (It usally closes at 2100) On sunday thou I'am going to have lots of fun with my sweetheart! We have our 2nd year anniversary :D!

But until then I have loads of schoolwork, my first exam in 2 weeks and work at my part time job. BAAAAAH.

This week i bought some MAC make-up, three pairs of earrings and a little yearbook thingy :) I also bought crap like shampoo and etc but yeah its crap :P Earrings are from Lindex and H&M (gold ones), and the little notebook thing form the bookshop at uni - hahaha I still shop whereever I go :) I will do a swatch on the Mac things later this week :) (wow I know)

This is a pitcure from the Christmas party last weekend! :) I look like a ghost! So pale :( muuu Have to go tanning... Desperatly! Ahh crappy english I know. I even have big lips? WTF. Girl at my left is my besty, Helene.. Ah so blonde and brown :) Cute

Kisses from pinky haha

søndag 7. november 2010

Blogging... bah

Hi Cupcakes!
Maybe I will give blogging another try? I kinda like reading bloggs rather than writing myself hihi :) I even dont have anything good to write about, and absolutely nothing to bring to the bloggingworld. Haha sad

Haha i love it how my poo cutie in the background are eating :D

I went lunching today with to friends I haven't seen in like 2-3 months, when it was warm and cozy outside. Now its snowy and cold and muuuu. Hate SNOW :( And we meet up at 1200 am, and not a goddamn cafe or resturant where open! We wanted sushi so bad, or I did :) But finally we found a crappy and cold ass freezing resturant and ate crappy food <3 But it was in good company :)

I was wearing a big pink bow on my head, aww i love pink and i love bows haha

Tomorrow it's uni at 0815 in the moring. Hate early mondays. BAH