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fredag 17. desember 2010

Friday Fun

Hi Ladies!
I'm happy! I've just putted on hot pink false nails :) They are so cute, but very plain. So later when I come home from work I'm gonna bow them up!Bow bow bow bow ^^ Then they will be super cute nah :)
They are press-ons from Depend. They are also short because I can't use long ones :( I don't manage to put on falsies with long nails :(
My short hair :( muuu. I don't know how to make it gal..... aah so stupid. Must look in gal magazines for inspo.

Camwhoring. nom nom haha

Again ^^

Kisses to everybody hahha........... Wearing Cherish lipstick from Mac. Nude but gorgeous :) Also silver and black eyeshadow, some random brand of falsies. Yup Yup...
But I'm off to work! Have a good one :D

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