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mandag 13. desember 2010

Yeah Yeah

Hello small ones! ^^,

Yeah my internett went out again! And also having trouble with the pitcure uploader.......
But now I hope everything is alright again ^^ So now I have some pictures of thing I've bought recently! Whoho finally..... yeah

A brown-ish heart purse at Accesorize. CUTE nah?

Pink mittens and scarf since it was like -15 celsius in Bergen lately. Brr and I hate it :( Cubus is the shit nowadays actually!

A brown blouse at Bik Bok, cute cute cute

Same blouse thing but with flowerprint :) cute again.

A basic jeans shorts. Love it! :)

Grey overknee shoe :) Yeah picture wrong way I know but dont care :D Bought at Din sko

New lenses! Whoho from http://www.kiwiberry1-collection.com/ :) Nice prices and many lenses :D!

Green, blue and brown this time ^^

CRAPPY pictures I know............ arg gotta get a new camera for christmas man. Damn it!

A older picture of me

BECAUSE I'VE TAKEN OUT MY EXTENTIONS AND NOW I'M A SHORTY :( Hahaa biggest mistake ever.. but yet a good one. If I've had it longer I would be bold. God damn,,, lost so mush hair :( Picture later naah

I'm making cupcakes so BYE! ^^ :D

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