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torsdag 23. juni 2011

Back from vacay!

Finally I'm home after Turkey and a visit to see Tuva bestie in Trondheim :)
I came home from Turkey on sunday, but I leaved for Trondheim thuesday morning so I was only home two days, and one of them I worked 8 hours :( Peeehw.

This is what I have to say about Turkey and Alanya:
- LOVE the weather! Sunny, warm but not humid. Perfect. And when you are laying at the beach there is a little breeze so it's tolerable to stay there for hours and hours.
- LOVE the cheap fruit you can get at every mini market. Cherries especially! And Peaches and watermelon. YUMMY FOR THE TUMMY. 
- Twister icecream :) 
- LOVE the nightlifeeeeeeee
- DISLIKE the prayer tower right next to our hotel. GOD damn. 0530 in the  morning EVERY morning, a freaking       man sounding like he was having a orgasm/pain somewhere in 10 minutes. 
- DISLIKE the turkish people. Why you have to be so damn aggressive??!! Every shop or man we walk past: HELLO BEAUTIFUL LADIIIIEEEEESSSSSSSS!!! Norska svenska??? Where are you from? Whats your name? You have boyfriend? You look turkish!! Leave us the heck alone!!!! 
Like if we want to buy something we will. Take a chill pill.
- Alcohol was FREAKIN expensive. One drink was about 100 kr = 20 $. Thats just like Norway. 
- And lastly: CRAPPY FOOD. aaaaaahhhh everybody was like longing norwegian food. They could not even make tasty pizza margarita. And it's not hard at all. AAAAAAAAHHHH

But all in all it was a GREAT girlstrip and I miss it already!!

 Day 1: Me and my cherries <3 Me so white. wtf

 Last day photoshoot HAHA
 Outfit for dinner day 1
 Waiting to get our nails done :)

 Beach party at Kleopatra Beach :)
 Day 2 Outfit for dinner and clubbing

 Day 4 Clubbing outfit
 Eating lunch at day 6 our last day :(
 Day 1 clubbing outfit

I choosed to only use pictures of me since it is my blog, and I dont know if the others would like to be all over the internett with their close-up shots :)

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