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tirsdag 30. november 2010

At uni again....

Hi Cupcakes!

Well I'm at uni again camwhoring, and people might think I have a loss of braincells or something.

Today I'm reading about the castesystem in South Asia, mostely India. Very interesting, and I'm wowed by that it is actually praticed still. Like you are ranked over or under someone form birth, and you have a very small oppertunity to mobilise up. And some are even outside the castesystem and they are called: untouchables. Like the word - if you touch them you will get dirty so there are no contact whatsoever. At the store they have to stand outside and yell what they want to buy, and throw money at the storekeeper. So he dont get their dirt in his shop and on him. Its really terrible. And since I am a soon to be socialanthropologist I have to see it from their perspective.

For dinner I'm going to the near thairesturant and order something yummy for my tummy! Whohooo ^^

Wearing my usamimi from Thailand today, I kinda look like a bunny and get a lot of unwanted attention. So I sometimes wear it down :( It looks stupid down :(

See you!

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