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lørdag 15. januar 2011

I want Loubs!

Hi Gals!^^
Like I found a page where they sell like old collections of Louboutin shoes, and I dont know whether to buy or not. I have bought 4 pairs of shoes only this week! :( Im turning into a brandwhore :(

These knee-high boots are really sexy, but maybe to slutty? My bestie just bought them so I'll have to see them on her:) They cost 299 $,-
These boots are moore my taste, and I dont have a lot of ancle boots :) They cost 210 $,- SO CHEAP! But I'm afraid my BF will freak after my shopping this week :(
This pair and the one under is so plain and will never go out of style! :) I love black, love peep-toes and I love LOUBS! ^^ This pair cost 150$,- the pair under cost 140$,-
I have to think about it, but I really want the short boot 210$ and the peep-toes for 150$ = Total of 360$ ~ 2100 norwegian kroner IIIIKK

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