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torsdag 6. januar 2011

Gal Inspo

Just thought I'd post some inspo for all the gals out there! Sorry but some of the pics I dont remember where I stole from :( Sorry sorry sorry
Cute gals with two mega buns :) Oh buns are so KAWAII! Love the girl with one blonde and one pink
Rihanna looking stylishhhhh and tan and perfect

Beautiful skin and eyes. Amazing

So cute hair and hair colour


Tsubasa being AWESOME... aaah the prettynes in that woman.. she can pull off everything ^^

Loving the pink hearts on her cheeks :) and her doggy

Miss Rihanna again :) love the colours in this pic

Sorry but I stole this picture from someones blog and now I dont remember where! :( But she does look cute in that outfit :)

Korean artist Seo In Young to the right :) She is an inspiration! ^^

Someones picture from some blog I dont remember! aaahhhh why.. But look at that volum at her hair! Wow I want

Blogger XiaXue, so beautiful with blonde hair ^^

Tsubasa promoting Dollywink :)

Tsubasa again! :)

Nana! Her changes through the years :) Now its all about the big eyes!

Want her hair! BAD!

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