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lørdag 15. januar 2011

Insert title here :)

Hi sweeties!
My BF is out with the boys so I'm alone at home, watching The Kardashian maraton and updating my blog a little ^^
This is a outfit from one of my shopping days from this week. I wore a white blazer from Bik Bok I bought on sale for 99 kr, like 10 euro or dollars or something hahaha. My top is from some random shop in Thailand :) Really cute yes yes

And what do you see?! YAYYY! Pinky got herself a real ass camera! A Sony DSLR and I love it!
My make-up up close hahah I still have to practice. I look like I'm giving someone my evil eyes haha ^^, Yes I need to fix my eyebrows FAST. I'm wearing Diamond Lashes - celeb whoho
From the side yay
Kisses to everybody! Night Night ^^

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