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onsdag 5. januar 2011

To do list for today ^^

Hi Cupcakes! :)
Finally getting some days off from work, but still I have alot to do. Today my dad (who is redecorating our apartment) woke me up early at 10 am. But you know what?! I liked it beacause then I can get on with my to do list :)
Todays TO DO list:
* Apply for an exchange program to a University in Thailand - Lots of paperwork!!
* Clean the damn house - not sooo happy about it
* Go taning - yay! ^^ :D:D:D
* Have a mini exercise at home - Need it bad haha
* Maybe make some dinner for Hubby ^^ - he will be hungry from working all day :)

Oh nom nom want it so bad :( Cupcakeeeessss

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