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tirsdag 1. mars 2011

Buys in Oslo!

Heyhey hallååå!
I didn'y buy a lot of stuff on our onedaytrip to Oslo, but I bought some minor things I liked on impulse ^^
A flower harem pants in the left corner from Cubus (199,- kr), An asymetrical top from Monki (20,-kr), a denim shortshorts from Zara (279,-kr), colorfull panty from Acersorize (89,-kr) and finally a basic yellow sweater from Cubus (149,-kr)
I found a japan inspired shop at Arkaden named Neo Tokyo. They had many anime thing, kigus, lolita dresses, food and snacks and also the newest GAL MAGAZINES!! :D so HAPPY! I have never bought asian magazins in Norway over the counter before, and even though they where expensive as hell I bought Egg and SCawaii ^^
This is how my collection looks like :) Above just SCawaii, below: Egg, Popteen, Vivi and Ray x3
Love! ^^

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