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tirsdag 22. mars 2011

Recent Hauls & Make-Up ^^ *Pic heavy*

So I dont have full internet yet, have call the internet company but they can't find anything wrong...
So while I was away I did this:
~ Snuggled alot with my adorable cats
~ Spent alot of time with my bestie T, since she lived with me while N was away ^^
~ Had this years first exam - It didn't go so well as I planed. Mu
~ Did some small shopping
~ And worked alot at my job.... phew

A pic of one of my cats, he is just chillaxing haha he so funny ^^

The pic came in a random order and I dont bother to organize them...

Review of Mac Wonderwoman blush Amazon Princess. Dark Pink with Bronzer down below.
*~*You'd thought it would be very pigmented and give alot of pink colour and make your cheeks look like clown cheeks- BUT no! It gives a very light pink-ish colour and it's very pretty. Defently using this blush in the summer time *~*
Also bought a foundation NC35. Just something I needed. Gived medium coverage.
Review of ELF Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder - Colour Luminance and Warm Tan
Luminance give just shimmer, and will be used alot in the summer time on the daytime, while Warm Tan is a little to tan for me hahha... Maybe in the evening or at parties. BUT only a little... It's just to dark haha.
Review of ELF Natural Radiance Blusher - Colour Flushed and Innocence.
Flushed gives a bright pink colour, but Innocence gives just to little colour for my liking.
You can't see Innocence almost..... Yeah

My ELF haul haha... And it was so cheap! God Damn. Under 200 kr for everything. I'm going to buy moore ELF yes yes.

Accessorize haul wiii... Two pair of earrings - Heart leopard and pink flower earings.
Two hairclips with "diamond" in the middle - CUTE
And stickers because I'm a child at heart ^
Kiss :*

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