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tirsdag 22. mars 2011

*~Things my Poo bought me~*

My Hubby came home last thursaday, and half his suitcase was filled with things for me :D
This is just some of the stuff he bought for me. My charming man
Ayumi eyelashes 10 pairs (already used 1 pair.) It's not super quality like Diamond Lashes or Dollywink lashes, but at least he tried :)
Kanebo BB cream, Dollywink glue, Hello Kitty glasses case, Hello Kitty cell phone dangle, Hello Kitty toothbrush case, two white armbands and Hello Kitty pencal case
Hair dye ^^! Already tried the Palty Milk Tea, but only my roots took dye. I dont wanna bleach etc. Did it like 2 years ago and it really messed my hair up........... I just want light brown hair. so. bad.

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