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tirsdag 1. mars 2011

A week of festivities

Hi cuties!
I've been M.I.A lately because of one of my besties had a birthdayWEEK! haha ^^ So I've been partying at night and went to school at day. So no new post for a while :(
And in her BD week she and I travelled to Oslo (Norways capital) for some shopping! Oslo really dont have a lot of stores different from Bergen, but we needed a change of scenery :) The day went really fast since we flew there at 0900 in the morning and came back 22 in the evening :)

This is at the airportbus 0700, going to Flesland and then off to Oslooooo
Happy T
Found a friend at Monki. He is frikin pink! Love him loads
Just shopping whoho
The King and Queen Castle in Oslo. Notice the snow. Wtf
Camwhoring gone wrong haha
VM in skiing in Oslo started that day. Me and T didn't know haha. Again look at the frikin snow it was so cold!
Our bag with our shopping goods ^^
No one want to take picture with me :( Have to do everything myself bah
Packing for leaving Oslo after one day mohaha

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