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tirsdag 19. april 2011

H&M Conscious Collection

Hi dolls!
Like everybody else I was very excited for the new H&M Collection which came out 14.april ( at least in Norway). And the stores opened at 0900, and I was there about 0945 and like ALMOST EVERYHING WAS SOLD OUT! I was shocked, and everybody at the H&M store where like panicing, and throwing clothes everywhere and just being bitches. I just looked fast through the clothes, grabbed a cute shorts(in my size) and went for the cashier.
Later when I was off to work I dropped by another H&M next to my job, and they had the dress of my dreams from that collection in my size! Not 40 or 42 HAHA like always.

The dress is so soft, and so pretty and I will use it alot this summer. And the shorts..... aahh dreamy!
Dress 399,- kr // Shorts 199,- kr

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