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onsdag 20. april 2011

Having a ME day

Today I have been to work, got home and had some dinner, and then Hubby went out to play some fotball(soccer). But I decided not to go with him and have a ME day!
It has been a long while since I had used my epilator, and of course it hurt like a bitch. DAMN. But if it is used regulary it won't hurt as much. Mine is from Panasonic, and it was really cheap haha. But at least its pink and gets the job done! :)

Afterwards remember to lotion up! That keeps the legs and your body soft and smooth ^^ Mine is from The Body Shop and the scent is Satsuma(mandarin). I smell like a BIG orange. And it's SOOOOOOO yummy!
Later I'm going to put some nailpolish on both my toes and fingers. Wii

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  1. Hey there! thanks for droppin' by my blog!!! I love your cupcake wallpaper!!!