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torsdag 28. april 2011


Hello there!
Been craving a pink jacket/blazer for a while now, and I found the perfect ones. But unfortunately for me I ordered the blazer in the first pic BEFORE I saw the jacket in the second pic. AND I am sooo remorsefull :( WHY am I such an impulse shopper????? Damn it.

Zara 559,- kr // Pink blazer in the colour Fuchsia
You can find it here!
Like it is cute and all,but it's just not me :( Well it's pink and thats me but other than that.... muu

Zara 799,- kr // Shrimp colour Kimono Style Cardigan
SO gorgeous! Aaahh me want :(
You can find it here Zara!

I'm still waiting for the blazer in the mail, and if I dont find it perfect then I will return it and buy my perfect spring jacket ^^

You can find a better picture at this blog, Lene is like so pretty and I love her sweet style.

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