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onsdag 6. april 2011


Hi Dolls!
Since I only have an assignment due friday, and I really should be working on it... I rather post a big picture spam(^.^)
Sweet decora. Oh really want their two-toned hair with pink :(

LOVE everything about this gal! Hair, dress, bow, necklace... Ahhh inspo!!
so sweet with a little pink heart
HAHA thats how you eat a bigmac gurrrlll
Is it just me that thinks Katy Perry looks gal-ish? Big eyes, perfect make and always cute outfits??
Finally I got a foxtail! Buuttt, it's not pink like these gourgous ones. Its white and black. Yup. I want me som pink.
Cutest nails ever!!!!! Heeyy heello kitty
Pink hair yes me wants

MA*RS girl! Ahh their newest collection is so cute and pink. And dreamy ~~~

Diamond Lorina looks so pretty in pink hair.... And her make... God I want. And I will get.

Looking through all these pictures make me wanna have extentions again and bangs :( Why do they have to have PERFECT hair????????????????????? My hair looks like poop.

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