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torsdag 11. november 2010

Recent hauls and this recent week

Hello cupcakes :)

It kinda sums up my week so far. Just work, school and my part time job :( I'am also going to work today, tomorrow and saturday... *big sadface* :( and tomorrow the mall are going to be open to 2400! Like fuck it. :( (It usally closes at 2100) On sunday thou I'am going to have lots of fun with my sweetheart! We have our 2nd year anniversary :D!

But until then I have loads of schoolwork, my first exam in 2 weeks and work at my part time job. BAAAAAH.

This week i bought some MAC make-up, three pairs of earrings and a little yearbook thingy :) I also bought crap like shampoo and etc but yeah its crap :P Earrings are from Lindex and H&M (gold ones), and the little notebook thing form the bookshop at uni - hahaha I still shop whereever I go :) I will do a swatch on the Mac things later this week :) (wow I know)

This is a pitcure from the Christmas party last weekend! :) I look like a ghost! So pale :( muuu Have to go tanning... Desperatly! Ahh crappy english I know. I even have big lips? WTF. Girl at my left is my besty, Helene.. Ah so blonde and brown :) Cute

Kisses from pinky haha

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