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tirsdag 16. november 2010

New Uggbuggs!

Hi Cupcakes :)

Had a great weekend? I did :D! Me and my poo celebrated our 2nd year anniversary on sunday. And we just snuggled and apriciated eachothers company :) No presents, but I made dinner for a difference ^^ haha.

I wanted to do a swatch on the Mac cosmetics I buyed last week, but my bf said I'm too pale and need to tan before I do it :P haha LOVE. So I'll do it when I'm tan and beautifuuuuulll!

Anyways! :D I bought new "Uggs" today, they are so kawaiii :) And my digital camera is so crappy. I kinda... hate it now. :( so I took pictures with my webcam hahhahaha

So cute with the pom pom on the side <3>

I look so sweaty so had to hide behind the shoe haha

I also bought a rainbow panty! SO CUTE NA

Both are from Accessorize. UGGBUGGS 225 kr, and rainbow panty 79 kr. Best buy this week haha


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