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søndag 7. november 2010

Blogging... bah

Hi Cupcakes!
Maybe I will give blogging another try? I kinda like reading bloggs rather than writing myself hihi :) I even dont have anything good to write about, and absolutely nothing to bring to the bloggingworld. Haha sad

Haha i love it how my poo cutie in the background are eating :D

I went lunching today with to friends I haven't seen in like 2-3 months, when it was warm and cozy outside. Now its snowy and cold and muuuu. Hate SNOW :( And we meet up at 1200 am, and not a goddamn cafe or resturant where open! We wanted sushi so bad, or I did :) But finally we found a crappy and cold ass freezing resturant and ate crappy food <3 But it was in good company :)

I was wearing a big pink bow on my head, aww i love pink and i love bows haha

Tomorrow it's uni at 0815 in the moring. Hate early mondays. BAH

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