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fredag 27. mai 2011


This year I bought three new bikinis! ^^,
Each year I always make sure to buy a new one, but this year there was so much goodies that I had to get a few ^__^

 Black one from H&M with golden skulls. Edgy and cool, not just plain black. And btw the skulls are happy! :) It also has tassels on the bottom piece. 129,-kr for the top, and 99,-kr for the bottom.

 This is also from H&M. This was so cheap! 49,- kr for a piece, so 98,- kr for the whole!!
It is bright yellow, and will go great with a tan haha. Also in the cleavage area there is some ruffles and a different kind of style at the cleavage. LOVE THIS!

And of course I had to get a bright hot pink one too ^__^ it is in my nature to be attracted to anything pink yay.
This is from Oasis (my store) and it is 399,- for the whole set. It is so lovely and I think this will be well used this summer, and when I move to Thailand in dec. AHHHHHHHH summer summer summer!!

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