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søndag 15. mai 2011

Diamond Lashes Limited Editon

Hi Everyone!
This saturday Hubby and I had our 2 and a half year anniversary, and my exams are coming up after next week so from monday(tomorrow) the reading begins and so does the stress. SO since saturday was a big day for us I wanted to spoil myself^^ ( yeah, that doesn't make any sense I know). AND since the limited edition of Diamond Lashes is available at Pinkyparadise, I've just ordered myself a pair haha.

They look very pretty, and it also helps that it is Wakatsuki Chinatsu who is modeling it. She is so crazy cool, and does her style so well. I also like S Cawaii magazine alot.
I've tried cheap Ebay lashes, Dollywink lashes, Ayumi lashes and Diamond Lashes, but I always go back to Diamond and no I'm going to stay loyal. Those falsies are freaking best!!!!!! Soft and easy to put on, great length and they are full fibered (?). Even if they are a bit expensive, they are totaly worth it.

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