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søndag 15. mai 2011

Please be my lover some day

I have a secret.
I'm in love with Kwon Jiyong.
Like I would leave hubby in a heartbeat for a chance with him. And hubby knows it. -__^

And if one day I meet him I will die.
And also pretend that I'm not a "crazy-loving-fan-who-would-do-everything-for-one-night-with-him" and act cool like:" Ahh who are you? You wanna know who I am? Well just an exchange student from Norway, yeah you know... just being here, staying at your hotel here in BKK, randomly,not knowing that you are a frikkin hot superstar. Yup thats me xD".
(Yes because I will stalk him mohaha*smirk*)

In a hot pink suit. Damn.

I even love the blond GD. Like he is hot. The end.

Ever since I saw the Lies MV I've been hooked on him.
And he will never even take a second glimpse at me, because I am one in a many. But there is a chance?? HAHA No. Yes. No :(

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