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søndag 22. mai 2011

Diamond Lashes ^^

Hi girls!
My lashes came for like a month ago, but I've been bussy(or lazy), and haven't come around to upload them. And now I dont even remeber the names of the lashes :( Ahh. Goldfish memory.

I know that this i celeb style. Only one I remember, because these are my all time favorites :)

Bottom lashes
The three packs of lashes, a DUP eyelash case and some knehigh socks - also got them in white with pink stripes. SO cute. They can really make a outfit alot cuter ^^
Byebye! :)

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  1. On the last picture, from left to right it's
    Baby eye, Fairy eye and Celeb eye.

    Thanks for following! (^^)