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tirsdag 10. mai 2011

Mountain Hike

Hi all!
In easter my Hubby and I went on a mountain hike on our lokal mountain, Fløyen in Bergen. We started from our house and of course Hubby wanted me to jog and other BS. NO. I'm a walker. I only walk on hikes, because later your legs will be like jelly.

Me preparing food before going out. Ignore our mess.
In the middle of the hike, Hubby wanted to take pictures. Me watching my beautiful city BERGEN!
Hubby giving me a thumbs up. Yay.
On the top, weather was cloudy, and it started to rain when we walked home. Joy. Pure joy.
Even when I exercise I still eat. Aahhh soft ice is sooo yummy! ^^ I look fat.But hey

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