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tirsdag 31. mai 2011

Recent hauls and mini review

Here are some recent buys from this last month :)
Just some belts and beauty products I needed(or did I?)

 A full picture of all the stuff
 Minty and orange nail polish from Depend, they are minis. 39,- for two.
And a orange Mac lipstick// Vegas Volt and a Jelly Kiss from Isadora // Pink Pairfait
Mini review below
 Some self-tanning and bronzes. I think using self tanning is better than going to the taning salons. It's not dangerous to your skin and you won't get wrinkels when you age.
The negative side is that the self-tanning often don't get even, and often you have a uneven result.
If you like the colorblocking trend going on but dont like to be in bold colors a colored belt can be a good investment. 
3 pack with white,gold and yellow belt from H&M 99,-kr and a bright pink one from Oasis 249,- kr.

 New parfume from Escada // Taj Sunset -  Limited edition for the summer.
Smells really good. aahhh 

And a Beauty Blender sponge for foundation application.

 MAC Vegas Volt // Isadora Jelly Kiss Pink Parfait
 The Depend nailplish in the orange color on my nails :)
 The Jelly Kiss lipstick from Isadora in the color Pink Parfait is my new favorite lipstick!!!
It's like a lipstick and lipgloss in one brilliant package :) Aahh Its just beyond words!
And it looks really pink, but it only gives a pink shine ^^ 

 Thats ALL! ^_____^

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